Protection Coordination

All risk factors in the electricity network from source to end consumer are determined and minimized as a result of our engineering studies. With the optimum protection provided on the network, our customers provide services to millions without any disruption in the enterprise and equipment . 

It is aimed to minimize the effects of equipment and consumers by cleaning the faults in the electricity network in the narrowest possible area. As a result of our engineering studies, the optimum protection philosophy is determined for your network.

Our goals in the ring network are;

  • Reducing Downtime: It is important to clean the failures occurring in the distribution network in a short time in order to prevent physical damage to the equipment.
  • Providing Uninterrupted Energy to the Consumer: Interruptions after a malfunction in the radially operated network continue during maneuvering or repair. In the ring network, the defective area is isolated and the consumer continues to receive energy.
  • Better Protection Selectivity: In ring protection selectivity, the fault is isolated in the narrowest region without interruption. This selectivity is provided by ANSI 87L (Line differential) and 67 (Directional OC) relays.
  • Making it Better: In the event of failure, tension peaks and pits are formed. Thanks to the faults cleared in a short time, these distortions are minimized and a high standard mains power quality is provided.
  • Better Breakdown Team Management: It is possible for breakdown teams to work in a safe and planned manner without the need for emergency intervention to the network.
  • More Economical Operation: With the electrical equipment used to be exposed to a short circuit in a shorter time, their lifetime is extended and maintenance and replacement costs are reduced.
  • Minimizing Production Losses: Production losses are experienced in long-term energy cuts. Thanks to the uninterrupted energy provided in the ring network, no production loss occurs.
  • Radial Network: Short circuit calculations are made according to the IEC 60909 standard. According to the short circuit power of the busbars from the source to the end consumer, the opening times of the circuit breaker are staged. Protection is provided with ANSI 50 (Definite time OC) and 51 (Inverse time OC) relays.