"Economical and reliable" solutions in electrical power systems.

About Us

AS Electric & Energy, established with the experience and accumulation of our activities in the energy and electricity sector since 2012, continues its activities with a greater motivation.

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We are committed to providing high-quality services. Through inventive processes and unique solutions, we provide unmatched value to our customers.

Protection Coordination

All risk factors in the electricity network from source to end consumer are determined and minimized as a result of our engineering studies. With the optimum protection provided on the network, our customers provide services to millions without any disruption in the enterprise and equipment . 

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Thanks to the remote monitoring and control system, we offer optimal solutions in your industrial facilities. We provide various benefits such as automation, efficiency, planning, risk management to your workflow. 

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Maintenance & Testing

AS Electric provides full service, maintenance, testing and commissioning service with its expert staff, current and comprehensive test equipment. In addition to the safe and efficient network, we create an economic and long-lasting investment opportunity for our customers.  

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Automatic Meter Reading System (AMR)

We offer you the opportunity to be instantly aware of the energy you consume, to know the status of your network and to detect faults. You can easily follow your consumption curves generated by storing and analyzing the data from your mobile device or control system. 

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Power Quality Analysis

We monitor your network for a while with the power quality analyzer. While producing your power statistics with detailed reports, we offer solutions specific to your economic and industrial facility.

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We offer all the consultancy services needed in the planning, design, project, construction and operation period of electricity generation / transfer / distribution investments. Our experienced expert staff, who have mastered international standards and have been involved in many big projects, supports you. 

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