Automatic Meter Reading System (AMR)

We offer you the opportunity to be instantly aware of the energy you consume, to know the status of your network and to detect faults. You can easily follow your consumption curves generated by storing and analyzing the data from your mobile device or control system. 

Thanks to the automatic meter reading system, there is no need to collect indexes on the meter in monthly periods. AMR does this automatically and issues your invoice. You save resources and time, and eliminate human mistakes. Your consumption data is stored securely. You will see how much energy you are consuming at what time of day. Thanks to your daily demand curve, you can reduce your billing costs. Usage areas; Electricity, natural gas and water distribution companies, Organized Industrial Zones, Shopping centers, Business centers, Industrial sites, Free zones.


  • Efficient Use of Resources
  • By comparing the consumption amount of the main line consumption counter with the consumption amount of residential meters, losses and leakages are detected immediately.
  • Losses are reduced with the rapid detection of faults based on the meter data.
  • Economic gain is achieved through instant tariff by following consumption habits
  • By providing the customer to follow the consumption with the web software, annual consumption amounts are analyzed and on-site investments are made.
  • Decrease in Loss-Leakage Rates
  • Unauthorized intervention detection
  • Detection of losses from the network
  • Detection of subscribers with lower than normal consumption by reporting
  • Sudden drop in consumption (counter by – pass the likelihood of) monitoring
  • Increasing the deterrent power against illegal use by detecting leaks instantly
  • Unpaid invoices can be tracked instantly, not after two or three months
  • Decrease in Costs
  • Meter reading and monitoring with low investment and operating costs
  • Decreasing unit costs with decreasing losses and leakages
  • Fast, easy and safe reading
  • Economics from meter reading staff and transportation expenses
  • Economy in meter opening-cutting cost