Maintenance & Testing

AS Electric provides full service, maintenance, testing and commissioning service with its expert staff, current and comprehensive test equipment. In addition to the safe and efficient network, we create an economic and long-lasting investment opportunity for our customers.  

Maintenance and equipment tests are essential to keep the electrical network of industrial facilities in acceptable operating and safety conditions. Although the cost of maintenance-testing and loss of production during maintenance seem to be a serious obstacle, the cost of a sudden stop as a result of a breakdown is much higher. It is clear that periodic maintenance should be in regular and expert hands in these conditions. We are at your side in maintenance, test and commissioning works with our expert staff and modern test devices. 

Our main tests are;


  • Transformer rotation ratio test ( Ratio Test),
  • Transformer isolation test (HV / LV; HV / Tank; between LV / Tank) and removing the polarization index
  • Measurement of primary and secondary winding resistances.
  • According to the results of the oil analysis, oil if necessary treatments when done
  • Oil puncture voltage test
  • Oil moisture test
  • Oil internal surface tension test
  • Fatty acid test (PH measurement)
  • Setting the spacer intervals
  • Change of silica gels Check oil level and add oil


  • Measuring the breaker opening-closing time
  • Measuring the motor installation time and current
  • Coil current and response time measurement
  • Contact transition resistance measurement


  • Control of relay protection functions with current voltage injection and function test of relay-breaker combination


  • Transformer ratio test
  • Polarity test


  • Performing partial discharge test in cells (will be done under energy upon request)
  • Control of Earthing separators of cells and function tests
  • Checking OG Cables and Cable Headers
  • Mechanical and electrical locking controls of cells