Thanks to the remote monitoring and control system, we offer optimal solutions in your industrial facilities. We provide various benefits such as automation, efficiency, planning, risk management to your workflow. 

The remote monitoring and control system (SCADA) collects the information it receives from remote stations at the center with its communication network. Thanks to this system in the main center of the industrial facility, monitoring and control becomes more reliable, economical and safe. Switching automation with the IEC 61850 protocol, RTU communication with Load Dispatch and P2P tests, DMS, OMS, DCS are our main service areas. The main advantages of the SCADA system are listed as follows;


◦ Operating cost is reduced. Thanks to remote monitoring of a wide Electricity Distribution Network, easy location of the fault location and remote control, using less staff and tools for these works will reduce operating costs resulting from them.

◦ Optimiz Optimization of materials Thanks to the data obtained from the system, it ensures the selection of materials in accordance with the existing system. In other words, in line with the data obtained, transformer power, conductor cross-section, etc., the materials to be used in the system are optimized.

◦ Reduction of losses Thanks to the optimum load flow function of SCADA , maneuvering scenarios are produced in order to optimize the line currents of the Electricity Distribution Network. Since losses increase in proportion to the square of the current, equipment and conductor losses are reduced.

◦  Since the increase in energy supply continuity is detected in a short time and the faulty location can be isolated and fed backwards by remote control when necessary, the shortening of the downtime for the subscriber and the decrease of the amount of unsold energy for the Electricity Distribution Company increase the energy supply continuity.


◦ Plan Planning the investments Thanks to the real and simultaneous data received from the field, investments are made where it is needed. Some investments can be postponed as the load can be transferred with maneuver in a very short time with the remote control. Thanks to the data taken from the field, load curves are obtained and demand forecasts are provided for the next year.


Thanks to the alarms coming from the field, intervening in the system by being aware of the problem ensures the prevention of breakdown or interruption.

◦ Thanks to real and simultaneous data, failure analysis is performed and the problem is solved.


◦ Power disruption especially in disasters,

◦ SCADA is strategic importance for load shedding to prevent system crashes.