We offer all the consultancy services needed in the planning, design, project, construction and operation period of electricity generation / transfer / distribution investments. Our experienced expert staff, who have mastered international standards and have been involved in many big projects, supports you. 

Energy companies are grappling with challenges today; increasing oil prices, increasing global competition, the rise of mandatory technologies to follow, climate change issues and more demanding legal regulations. These factors increase the complexity and risks of even the best businesses. However, thanks to the progressive AS Electric & Energy perspective that adopts new business models and customized strategies, it goes beyond the industry and becomes competitive. 

The main subjects we are experts in are;

  • Electric power system analysis,
  • Cost / benefit analysis and financial modeling
  • Power System asset valuation
  • System loss reduction studies for electricity supply authorities
  • Design and features of overhead lines, underground networks, substations and protection communication systems
  • Improved performance and security through staff training
  • Energy audits